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What if Candida was the root cause of your health problems?

Candida is part of the natural yeast that lives in the human gastro-intestinal system. It lives without creating any damage when it is balanced by the immune system. Children, men and women can be affected by a Candida infection.


Normal conditions consist of 85% of “good bacteria” that make up the intestinal flora and only 15% of bacteria and other antagonistic organisms are in the intestinal microbiota (gut flora).  The risks of developing an overgrowth of pathogenic intestinal yeast, such as candida,  increases with the exposure to chemical pollutants, antibiotic treatments, and to the use of contraceptive pills. Especially during the presence of chronic stress, chronic constipation, drinking chlorinated water or consuming too much sugar and refined products.

Once the intestinal flora is unbalanced and an infection starts, candida can spread to other parts in the body and can cause problems that affect the skin, sinuses, mouth, nails, and the intestines, etc., and can eventually lead to hypersensitivities such as intolerance to perfumes, etc. We should not confuse a Candidiasis, a result of an intestinal dysfunction and a weakened immune system, with a yeast vaginitis that only affects women.

YEAST BUSTER KIT  ® is here for rescue! My personal clinical experience has demonstrated the YEAST BUSTER  kit’s efficiency.  YEAST BUSTER by Innovite Health.  This four week program has exceptionally proven to be a reliable source to overcome Candidiasis symptoms. Its formula is unique as it contains four efficient products such as: psyllium, caprylic acid, activated charcoal and DDS acidophilus bacteria. These ingredients act by stopping the proliferation of pathogens and their exotoxins, all the while cleaning intestinal mucus, which equally benefits the immune system.

This program provides you with more than just supplements. It guides you step by step in order to develop an “anti-candidiasis” diet which ensures long term success.

Check with a naturopath at any TAU store if you think you might have a Candida infection, or to simply learn more about Candida.

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