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NATUROPATH’S FAVOURITE CHOICE - - Spring time clean-up!


Spring time clean-up!

It's almost Spring time! Which means it's time to clean out our wardrobes... and why not our bodies too!
Just as dust builds up in all corners of our homes, the body too, accumulates undesirable matter and waste.  Although it is a little more complex than throwing out that old pair of sneakers you never wear, the body is able to cleanse itself on its own.

These undesirable substances I am referring to are found in our food and water (pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, etc.), in the air that we breathe (volatile organic compounds, etc.) and even in our cosmetic products (parabens, phtalates, etc.).


It is our responsibility to better choose the foods we consume as well as filter the water we drink.  It is also important to have proper ventilation in our homes to freshen the air.  Reading the ingredient list on our cosmetic products will also help to make better choices of what we apply on our skin.

However, it is helpful to support the body in its cleansing functions.  ReCleanse Detoxification kit is a gentle and effective way of ridding the body of toxins.  It is perfect for detox beginners because it does not contain any laxatives!  This kit includes plants that will help the intestinal tract, the liver, the kidneys as well as being a blood purifier.  It even comes with a nutritional guide.  Your body will thank you and you might even gain more energy out of it!

Please see your in-store naturopath if you are taking prescription medication as there are certain contraindications.  It is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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