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« LIVER » Attack - (Congestion)

« LIVER » Attack


Medically speaking, this disease does not exist. However, this is how someone will describe the symptoms when they experience nausea and vomiting with severe cramping below the ribs but sharper on the right side.

Liver produces bile, an integral substance for breaking down and absorbing fats and fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E K). One to two liters of bile are produced daily and the bile is subsequently concentrated and stored in the gallbladder, a sac shaped organ located beneath and connected to the liver. The gall bladder is responsible for intermittently secreting the bile during the digestive process.

« LIVER » Attack (Congestion)

BILIARY LITHIASIS, (more commonly known as stones or gallbladder stones)

These are caused by cholesterol, bile sediments and calcium deposits. Over 95% of gall bladder stones are composed of over 90% calcified cholesterol.

Cystic duct obstruction is manifested by discomfort on the right side of the body beneath the liver, occasionally with nausea and vomiting. If it is simple indigestion, relief is quickly found by eating something. This, however, will not work for cystic obstruction which can resolve itself within a few minutes or hours, hence the reason many are unaware of this health issue. If on the other hand, the pain persists, it can be the result of acute Cholecystitis or more commonly known as acute gall bladder inflammation.

Certain foods are notably difficult to digest when the hepatic biliary system is compromised: Eggs, mayonnaise, animal fats, fries, fatty cheese and chocolate.

Gall stones are much easier to prevent than to eliminate. Below are some recommendations which will prevent gall stone formations. These suggestions will also help reduce aggravation of inflammation symptoms:

  • Avoid fried foods, saturated fats, rich sauces and fatty meats. Opt instead for lean meats and increase your fish consumption. The more fat in a meal, the more sluggish and uncomfortable its digestion.
  • Reduce your dairy and carbohydrate consumption (sugars).
  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to maintain adequate water content of the bile.
  • In instances of inflammation or discomfort, avoid coffee because of its constrictive action on the gall bladder.
  • Increase your consumption of fresh or steamed fruits and vegetables.
  • Increase your daily fibre intake: Ground flax seeds, oat bran, psyllium, etc.
  • Use extra virgin olive oil mixed with lemon as your salad dressings
  • Supplements recommended to help liver and gall bladder functions: Choleretic plants (milk-thistle, dandelion, artichoke, boldo, black radish)
  • Supplements recommended for gall bladder inflammation: Choleretic plants (caution advised with black radish), rubia root (known for breaking down calcium deposits), lecithin, choline and methionine.

The principal criteria is the length of the attack (or inflammation): It usually lasts anywhere between 2 to 3 days. Vegetables and more vegetables as well as fruit are the ideal diet for several days. Drinking hot water and lemon also helps promote better hepatic biliary function. A more serious case or health crisis will only aggravate rather than diminish during that period.

These recommendations will especially be useful if you suffer from sluggish digestion, a delicate liver or gall bladder ( as evidenced by difficult digestion following rich and fatty foods) , if you have frequent pain on the right side of your body, sometimes all the way to the back, frequent nausea, asymptomatic gallstones, all symptoms suggesting preventative measures before these issues worsen. On the other hand, consult a health professional without delay if you experience acute biliary colic, intense pain and vomiting.

Your liver continues to produce bile even for those who have had their gall bladder removed, and hence who can still suffer from hepatic disorders.

Are you ready to take your health to heart and optimize your digestive functions? Natural solutions are available. Stay informed!

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