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NETTLE - A great nurse!


A great nurse!

Just as the dandelion, nettle is a wild plant that is often considered a bad weed in a garden. Long ago, our ancestors would cut out these “weeds” and feed them to the animals for protection against parasites and disease. In the spring, the young nettle plant can be eaten in a salad or simply cooked just like spinach.

Medical literature tells us that nettle is a plant that is very beneficial to our health. Its medicinal uses can be traced back as far as the Greek, Roman, Indian Moroccan and Amerindian civilizations. The German E Commission, the OMS and the ESCOP recognize its properties in healing urinary tract inflammations, helping to prevent and treat kidney stones, to improve difficulties concerning the benign hypertrophy of the prostate, to help with arthritic pain associated with rheumatism or with the sciatic nerve.

NETTLE A great nurse!

Diuretic and re-mineralizing, nettle facilitates the elimination of toxins and helps reduce the acidic levels of the blood in kidneys. It is therefore recommended for treating various kidney related problems such as kidney stones and gout. But it’s benefits certainly do not end there. It is also beneficial in treating rheumatism, arthritis, sciatic pains, eczema and water retention.

Above and beyond this list, it is also recommended for treating symptoms of a head cold and other allergy related congestion. To those who suffer from respiratory allergies, nettle should hold an important place in your everyday life.

For the past 30 years, studies have shown nettle’s effectiveness with prostate troubles such as difficulties in urinating, the constant need to urinate without ever effectively eliminating normally as well as pain during urination. Clinical research has shown that coupling nettle with Saw Palmetto would be just as effective as a generic medical treatment, without suffering from the side effects.

Nettle’s mineral properties have been known to promote hair growth. In addition, its reforming properties would help in cases of anemia, nose bleeds and heavy periods while its hypoglycemic properties would help pre diabetics and diabetics alike.

Taken in herbal tea form or tincture, nettle is a plant that should be at the forefront of our “healthy” habits. You can also add it to your favorite herbal tea and benefit from its incredible range of healing properties.

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