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Do you regularly take on the responsabilities of the world, even when it is too much? You are slammed with exhaustion, but you still don't feel like you can take a break. Responsibility and duty are summoning you and you feel stretched in all directions. You are not the only one! Many women are in the same situation, and not always knowing why.

If you are a woman and you recognize yourself in one or more of these symptoms, keep reading, you may learn the culprit behind your discomforts.

- You have difficulty concentrating.

- You are always cold.

- Your periods are lengthy and abundant.

- You are prone to infections.

- In spite of a normal amount of sleep, you never feel rejuvenated when you wake up.

- You frequently suffer from headaches.

- You are often troubled by acid reflux or heartburn and hence often consume anti-acids (Nexium, Pantoloc, Pariet,etc.).

- You are pregnant or breast-feeding.


Here is one of the reasons why these things could be happening to you. You are possibly iron deficient! One out of every four women is iron-deficient. Iron is an essential mineral and directly affects red blood cell production, notably haemoglobin. The primary function of red blood cells is to carry oxygen.

Fatigue, bouts of depression, irritability and a lack of concentration are all symptomatic of iron deficiency.

For pregnant women or those planning to become so, reserves of iron are essential for a healthy placenta, to address the need for increased blood cell production in order to transport oxygen to the foetus and to provide the baby with its iron requirements during its first 6 months of life.

In order to prevent iron deficiency and re-establish a healthy balance, low- content iron supplements can be helpful while not provoking constipation. Select a formula which contains other nutrients essential for iron assimilation, such C, B6 and B12 vitamins.

By Lise Guénette, ND.A

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