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An aphtha, also known as canker sore, is a small, painful lesion, which occurs predominantly in the buccal mucosa. Canker sores especially affect the gums, the internal tips of the lips, the tongue and the cheeks.

One in five individuals suffers chronically from canker sores. Those afflicted by frequent relapses of this condition may be caused by vitamin and/or mineral deficiency, hormonal imbalance, allergies, a poorly adjusted dental prosthesis, poor diet and smoking.


Nutritionally, acidic foods should be avoided.

-Avoid orange, grapefruit, tomato and pineapple juices, sodas (especially colas); substitute with pear, peach, unsweetened apricot juices or better still if you have a juicer, 6 -8 ounces of fresh carrot, apple, celery and beet juice daily.
-Avoid coffee and replace with plenty of water, water, and even more water, green or herbal tea.
-Avoid strong spices, white vinegar, hot mustard and chocolate.
-Substitute red meat and cold cuts as often as you can with fish and white meats.
-Avoid chewing gum.
-Drink alcohol moderately or not at all, especially at the early stages of the outbreak.

Researchers have made a direct link between certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies and recurring canker sores. Iron and/or B12 and/or folic acid deficiencies are the most common. A B complex, iron and vitamin C supplements usually provide excellent results. Other options are available for graver and more persistent cases. Consult a qualified naturopathic practitioner.

Apply a few drops of golden thread, myrrh, calendula mother tinctures or a blend of theses herbs or one drop of bay essential oil. Clay mouth rinses are also very helpful.

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