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THE HOLIDAY SEASON - "Not always a party for your liver!"


"Not always a party for your liver!"

Silent and diligent, the liver doesn’t beat, doesn’t circulate and its functions are largely unnoticed. Its well-being is essentially dependent on an adequate digestion.

During the holiday season, we can avoid roadblocks by taking cabs or calling Nez-rouge. However, the liver is an impossible roadblock to avoid metabolically. Excessive drinking or eating can make its work very difficult.

THE HOLIDAY SEASON "Not always a party for your liver!"

Those indispensable bitter herbs:
European physicians have long recommended bitter herbs for gall and hepatic troubles.

Certain herb substances stimulate the digestive organ’s glandular cells. Moreover, they accelerate gastric evacuation; promote enzymatic secretion while stimulating intestinal peristalsis. When digestion and hepatic functions are facilitated, digestive disturbances are vastly reduced. Reflux, nausea, indigestion, bloating and headaches can be avoided.

Among bitter herbs, artichoke, milk thistle and dandelion are notably efficient, given their potent medicinal properties for the digestive system. It is needless to go about concocting “magic potions”. The market already provides easy ready-made formulas, which incorporate these essential bitter herbs..

The holiday season is a propitious time for over-eating. Remember if your liver and digestion system are slow that bitter herbs are their friends.

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