The real challenge, one that concerns us all, is not that of living a longer life which is artificially enhanced or balanced through mechanical or chemical agents. The real challenge is about adding healthy years to your actual chronological age.

Food is the body’s main energy source. The products we eat can nourish us, but they can also intoxicate us. In choosing to subscribe to an organic diet, you will reduce the amount of toxic pollutants and chemical agents you ingest with every meal.


David Servan-Schreiber supports and proves this notion of how beneficial an organic diet can really be in his book called “ANTICANCER”. He writes: “At the University of Washington, a researcher, Cynthia Curl, was concerned about the validity and health benefits the organic diet her friends were implementing for their children. Therefore, she put together a study based on 42 children in the 2-5 years of age range. These children were classified “organic” if 75% of their diet consisted of organic food and they were classified “conventional” if 75% of their diet consisted of non-organic food. She found that the level of pesticides in the urine of the “organic” children was far below the prescribed legal limit by the Government agency for Environmental Health, while those who were classified “conventional” were more than 4 times above the legal toxic limit.

Symptoms of various illnesses should be treated as alarm signals, messages the body sends us warning that we should review certain aspects of our everyday lives.

In today’s world, the leading scholar in terms of making healthy choices and living a new and improved lifestyle is the Naturopath. Using an approach that stems from natural sources, he or she can successfully identify certain causes linked with general health disorders.

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