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Testosterone: Male hormone synonymous with virility

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, which defines the masculine traits in men. It is the hormone, which is associated with muscular strength, aggressiveness, libido and fertility.

As men begin aging, bioavailable testosterone levels decrease while their estrogen levels increase. This process gradually occurs in their thirties so that a decade later, as many as 5% begin to experience lower testosterone as of 40 years of age , up to 50% by the time they reach 70 years of age. Elevated estrogen levels not only affect their muscle mass and sexuality, but provoke fat accumulation around the waistline.


Lower testosterone levels can physiologically impact the following :

  • Muscle tone and physical strength
  • Prostate health
  • Cardiovascular health, cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism
  • Hair loss

Lower testosterone levels can psychologically impact the following:

  • Physical and mental fatigue, possibly a state of depression
  • Memory and concentration troubles
  • Decreased libido

Natural solutions
Ginseng : this root’s effectiveness with regards to boosting the immune system, sexual and physical performance is well documented.
Tribulus terrestris : This herb has been consumed for centuries in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines. It is a notable male tonic widely utilized by stressed males and male athletes.
ZMA : A zinc, magnesium and B6 compound, ZMA helps increase testosterone production. Zinc deficiency is associated with decreased production of testosterone.
Maca : This herb is notable for increasing fertility and maintain healthy libidos.
Damiana, rhodiola and cordyceps : These adaptogens improve stress management and stimulate weak sexual performance..  
L-Arginine : One of the 20 amino acids which make up protein and proven effective for improving physical performance by stimulating the production of growth hormones, as well as the immune system and the improvement of erectile dysfunction.

Hypertrophy, benign prostate enlargement
Saw Palmetto extract has proven therapeutic benefits as concluded by numerous clinical studies. This herb helps reverse prostate hypertrophy, reduces inflammation while helping to increase urinary flow. African pygeum, Nettle root, zinc and pumpkin seeds which help prevent prostate ailments, reduce its symptoms and help promote healthy male hormonal balance while increasing the prostate’s enzymatic functions responsible for transforming fatty acids into sexual hormones, notably testosterone

Muscular strength and proteins
Without protein, the body ceases its regenerative work. Proteins are essential to muscle maintenance and balanced energy levels. Why not vary the source of your proteins by incorporating a protein powder in your daily diet?

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