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NATUROPATH’S FAVOURITE CHOICE - - Why choose elderberry?


Why choose elderberry?

Elderberry was very popular in Europe during the 17th century.  The British consumed it in many forms:  as wine, jelly, infusion, vinegar, syrup, etc…  The written story of this mythical tree mentions various superstitions and beliefs that even go back to the 2nd century.  But, what we find most interesting is that the elderberry flowers and berries were listed in the United States Pharmacopeia from 1820 to 1890.  The German E Commission approved its medicinal use to treat the cold in 1986 and, in 1999 the World Health Organization has recognized its traditional use as an expectorant and to favour sweating.  Today, there is no doubt, about elderberry’s therapeutic benefits. 

NATUROPATH’S FAVOURITE CHOICE - Why choose elderberry?

Since 2004, the Quebec based company Suro offers elderberry-based products of an exceptional quality.  Furthermore, the company obtained an organic certification by Ecocert Canada, a token of quality organic products. 

Elderberry is among the most efficient plants to help prevent and treat colds, respiratory tract illnesses and viral infections.  A study published by the “BMC, Complementary & Alternative Medicine” showed that liquid elderberry extract proves to be effective against pathogens and bacterial infections in the context of pulmonary infections and the A and B influenza viruses.

We attribute the elderberry’s antioxidant and immunostimulant potential to its small berries.  Their potential enables our organism to increase its resistance to infections.  As for the flowers, they favour sweating by opening the skin’s pores with the objective of lowering a fever.  Their healing, anti-inflammatory and mucolytic properties make elderberry an important plant to keep at hand, especially when there are young children around.

The Quebec based company, Suro offers a wide variety of elderberry-based products on the market, which makes it possible for the whole family to find a formula adapted to their needs. Elderberry gives good results.  So, why not choose elderberry products to fight colds, the flu, sore throats and cough?

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