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I was delighted when I discovered LeafSource!  Many people suffering from chronic inflammation saw a significant improvement of their pain and mobility after using only one bottle!  Additionally, their energy levels and their immunity improved.  What is this ingredient that offers so many benefits?

It’s humic acid!  LeafSource is a product that contains 70% humic acid and comes from an exclusive site in New Mexico.  That site is over 100 million years old.  The soil there is very rich in humus, an organic matter that comes from the remains of prehistoric tropical forests.  LeafSource also contains micro and macro nutrients, 70 minerals in the form of traces, amino acids, polysaccharides and enzymes.  LeafSource is one of those unbelievable and effective products.  It’s 100% organic, vegetarian and can be absorbed with any supplement you’re already taking.  If you take medicine, you only have to space out the dose by two hours.


While it procures relief for arthritic and articular pain, it also helps with the inhibition of viral activity, inflammation reduction, reduction of bone loss, protection of immune balance, improvement of energy since it helps regenerate ATP, improvement of nutrient availability by favoring alkalinity and it encourages the elimination of heavy metals.

In recent years, numerous studies worldwide have confirmed that humic acid is nontoxic and has no undesirable effects when the recommended dose is taken correctly.

When it comes to viral infections, studies show that thanks to humic acid, viruses can’t hold on to cells and can’t penetrate them, while helping the body defend itself better.  If we think about people who suffer from herpes virus which causes zona as well as other ailments, the recovery delay can be greatly improved and the risk of complications immensely reduced. 

Since LeafSource modulates inflammation and stress that are at the origin of many health conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, some intestinal troubles, eczema and psoriasis, it can really be recommended to everyone.  It can be given to children, to the elderly and to adults when the dose is adapted to the person’s health condition, whether chronic or acute, as well as according to the person’s vitality. 

In conclusion, LeafSource suits anyone wanting to improve their global health, their energy or looking to reduce the impact of symptoms linked to health problems.

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