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Our Policies

About us

Our Policy


  • 1. Our products contain no artificial colours, additives, chemical preservatives or unnatural occurring sulfites.
  • 2. Our products contain no white sugar or other artificial sweetener.
  • 3. We privilege products from organic farming that have been certified by an independent and recognized organization.
  • 4. Our vegetable oils derive, whenever possible, from organic farming and are mechanically pressed without adding chemicals. They are not bleached, refined or deodorized.
  • 5. The flour that we sell comes from whole grains, whole wheat and whenever possible from organic farming without being chemically bleached.
  • 6. We do not consciously sell any cosmetic products that would have been tested on animals. Our cosmetic products contain no animal fat, and no synthetic fragrances.
  • 7. We do not sell any irradiated food.